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Streamline your school's registration & admission process to reduce hassle, save time, and track all details. Discover how the Cloud can help.

Admission & Registration

ESKA Schools is geared to streamline your institution’s admissions and registration process by consolidating disparate tasks onto a single online platform.

From application procedures to consolidated waiting lists and student records, ESKA Schools Admission and Registration powers the admissions experience for you and your students and families alike.

Keep all processes organized

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Reduce hassles

Keep all students’ and employee’ records stored in one convenient platform, transforming administration and registration into a simple process.


Organized online

By creating an electronic system for applications, you can easily control and manage your school needs with no worries.


Easily traceable

You can track all your admissions activities to ensure a powerful and convenient experience. Stay on top of your admissions and registrations.



We understand the importance of your time, thus ESKA Schools is here to save you time by getting your admissions and registrations done quickly and accurately.

Admissions no longer needs to be an inconvenience

Our key features are here to help

Automated admissions policies and procedures

By creating a digitalized system, you can easily alter all your processes to comply with your rules and policies. An electronic system to organize and structure your admissions and registrations through a flexible process.


Online applications and fees

ESKA Schools can help to manage and maintain your online applications and fees through one online platform, not to mention provide students with self-registration services. Whether you are accepting, rejecting or transferring an application, or handling any payment processes, we provide the options for direct results.


Categorization of all registrations

Student registrations can be categorized into different custom groups based on any required needs, such as registrations based on homerooms, sections and other custom groups. Keep all your registrations organized.


Convenient waiting list procedures

Create a system that can track and organize all your waiting lists, as well as transfer and allocate any students for the next admissions. ESKA Schools facilitates this through an automated system to maximize your convenience.


Management of associations, families or siblings

Allow parents and any relevant parties to take part in the admissions portal, keeping them aware of the students’ status and providing an ability for them to take part in tracking any admissions needs.


External transfer and courses equivalencies

The system allows you to plan any transfers and courses equivalencies for your students. Through a direct and electronic system, you can manage any information or transfers of a students’ status quickly and accurately.


National and international programs

Handle registrations via the options of national and international programs. Categorize your student registrations based on the programs of their intentions and create a more convenient process for managing your students.


Promotion and graduation processes

Aside from handling your school registrations, ESKA Schools also helps to organize any promotion and graduation processes, automatically store your enrollment and promotion activities.


Comprehensive reports

By creating accurate and detailed reports on your student registrations, you can easily track and manage all students in one efficient list. Make life easier with the right information and data.


Keep integrating

By integrating with other ESKA systems, ESKA Schools can help to create a registration and admissions system that maintains all aspects of your school's operation.


Keep admissions and registrations on point

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