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DeniaSchool Communications Manager is a tool to facilitate the communication between higher administration and school employees and communities. Made to simplify the communications between school parties.

Communicate better with DeniaSchool

Rule-based notifications engine

The Communications Manager creates a more convenient way of reminding any announcements and news through an automated notifications engine, customizable to your school’s specific needs and rules.


Mailbox, calendar and notification settings

Utilizing essential communications settings to notify relevant users. By synching notifications with your mailbox and calendar, all school members can stay involved and up to date.


Contacts and groups management

DeniaSchool provides a convenient system for managing all your school’s contact and groups. With a full contacts list in addition to grouping settings, you can collectively contact people more easily.


A unified experience for everyone

By integrating with all DeniaSchool systems, the Portal comprehensively ties together all functions and features available within DeniaSchool, providing you with a consistent user experience from admissions and registrations to timetables and reporting.


Microsoft Office 365 communications tools

All DeniaSchool systems integrate with the Microsoft® Office 365® suite to bring you a well-known and familiar method for getting the job done. From OneDrive to Chat, the Microsoft Office 365 tools are integrated so you can continue using the digital tools you trust.


Internet to SMS reports

By utilizing Internet to SMS features, communication flow will be able to run smoothly thanks to direct notifications via SMS. Stay updated with automated SMS reports.


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