What is ESKA Academia ?

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ESKA Academia is an advanced and comprehensive software that matches educational institutions’ needs by complying with today’s high-tech demands. Aiming to elevate academic institutions towards a greater level, this system creates new opportunities for institutions to thrive.

ESKA Schools?

ESKA Schools covers your e-education needs for all schools. Functioning as a web-based e-schooling and management system that transforms schooling into an enjoyable and interactive experience.

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Our Products

Schools can prosper with, but not limited to, the following..

Track and organize student information

Digitalizing the way students’ register and how information is stored, making all things organized in one platform.

Turning fees into simplicity

Let us help you by easing any tuition fee payments with an automated and direct way of fees management.

Scheduling at its best

By creating a complete and accurate timetable to help manage students’ schedules in a timely and convenient manner.

Manage all learning activities

Taking care of all learning activities, including grades, collaborations between teachers and parents and more can be done quickly and directly.

Digitalized libraries

Have one platform to find and organize all required books and multiple libraries at once. Keep track and categories your books.

Everything electronic

All things about your school management can be done through an electronic platform for direct changes and updates. Make life simple with ESKA Schools.

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Our Services

We bring a number of services to enhance your user experience. Make school digitization into a simple and convenient process with the help of our training and support services. Check out how we can help.

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Why the Cloud?

Schools are transforming. With greater demands and needs for students and administrators, it’s time to increase efficiency and management with some help from the Cloud. Create a whole new system for your school’s work process. Discover more about how the Cloud can help.

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