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Make quiz results instant for your school, ESKA Academia Cloud comes with an automated evaluations and assessments module to help with grading & exams.

Evaluation & Assessment

ESKA Schools Evaluation & Assessment is a system to help support your exam activities, ensuring an accurate and digitized way of grading.

Track all grades in one platform

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Instant view

You can easily look at your students’ grades and examination results through an instantly-accessible platform.


Easily accessible

Check on your students’ assessments information through the Cloud. Full access whenever you want, from any device.


Automated grading

All exam marks and evaluation results will be automatically processed through ESKA Schools in the Cloud, keeping information up to date without the troubles.


No more manual work

By digitizing the grading and examination system, you can easily access and view results without the hassles of manual entry.

Student assessments minus the hassles

Check out our key features

Timetables for your exams

ESKA Schools will help process all the relevant timetables you need, based on the nature, capacities and facilities of the exam. All timetables made are also based on exam policies and those who participate. An accurate and quick way for examinations.


Flexibility in presentation

Presenting different types of views for different types of parties. From teachers to parents, all exams and grading are tailored based on each party’s needs and obligations.


All students’ marks in one

Our comprehensive system presents students’ grades and marks and approves their final ones. This includes automatic calculations of percentages, average marks, cumulative marks and ranks.


Evaluation of a student’s performance

ESKA Schools will evaluate a student’s performance based on all subjects or any particular one by creating any necessary exams electronically. This is also supported by specifying any minimum, maximum and highest marks for each subject.


Generate all your essential report cards

Producing and printing individual academic report cards that consist of the student’s overall assessment and performances in each subject. This is generated for each student in various formats.


Exam generation process

ESKA Schools will also help by producing exams, which includes all the general information about the students and exams, the students' list, exam facilities and more. It makes all exams evaluation a simple and quick process.


Assigning roles and IB Program needs

The IB Program system creates a convenient process for assigning IB coordinators for all levels, determine any IB settings, policies, majors, hours, subjects, tasks and more. All your IB Program organization in one system.


Integration ready

ESKA Schools integrates with other ESKADENIA systems and ESKA Academia systems to make all student evaluation and assessments processes into a smooth and accurate one.


Accurately evaluate your student’s skills

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