Manage your extra-curricular activities

Manage your extra-curricular activities with ESKA Academia Cloud, creating a flexible option to organize student activities & update information.

Extra-Curricular Activities


ESKA Schools Extra-Curricular Activities works as a convenient system to track and maintain all your extra-curricular activities and the students’ performance.

Optimize your students’ extra-curricular programs

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Well-managed activities

You can record and document all your students’ extra-curricular programs, ready for full management and organization.

Tracking 24/7

Track and access all extra-curricular activities anytime and anywhere. With full accessibility, all programs can be easily maintained and viewed.

Updated information

The Cloud makes it so much easier to update any data and information about your students’ activities. Instantly updatable and keeps you on top of things.

Organized & accurate

Categorize all extra-curricular programs into convenient classifications, from supervisors involved to evaluation criteria.

Keeping programs and activities organized

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Managing all programs like a pro

Maintain documentation and accessibility of all extra-curricular activities. This system helps track all available programs, and their information and requirements. Now you can organize and structure everything through a convenient platform.

Document your students’ activities and achievements

Stay updated on all your students’ activities, achievements and additional notes. No need to panic about losing track, provide full documentation for any extra-curricular needs.

Setting evaluation criteria

You may also keep track of the ideal criteria for your programs’ assessments processes. Standardizing your factors for grading and success will help in assessing your students’ ongoing progress.

Student subscriptions

ESKA Schools helps to manage all student sign-ups for any extra-curricular program. Determine the number of students who participate in the programs, and managing any attendance requirements.

Appoint any supervisors and organizers

Easily appoint any supervisors or organizers for your extra-curricular programs. You can simply assign and update information regarding your programs through one convenient system.

Reporting made easy

With a comprehensive template for reporting your students’ achievements, you can easily track their development. Thorough and detailed reporting clarified the skills at which your students excel or may require assistance.

Integrating with all systems

Stay accurately updated thanks to an interconnected integration system amongst all other ESKA Academia systems, ready to get the job done.

Extra-curricular programs done easily

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