Managing your school fees directly

Simplify your school's fees & payment processes with ESKA Academia Cloud. Helping to track & secure tuition fees through direct & electronic payment.

Fees Management

ESKA Schools Fees Manager is here to help simplify all your school’s fees and payment processes.

From online-payable application fees to discounts and secure funds transfers, ESKA Schools Fees Manager eases accounting burdens by digitizing your school’s entire financial system.

Fees processing for a smooth workflow

Here are our key benefits


Easy and direct

Having all your fees processed through a consolidated electronic system makes it easier to receive and manage your payments and receipts.


Fast-track accounting

Your school accounting and fees processes can be done with minimal time with automatic calculations thanks to ESKA Schools in the Cloud.


Electronic payment

All payments may be done electronically, avoiding the complications of paper processes and late outcomes.


Secure financial processes

Your fees processes are conducted easily and securely through an ideal security system that is constantly updated.

Fees management for a better tomorrow

What are our key features?

Full management for student financials

The ESKA Fees Manager will help to create a full organized system of all your financial activities, ensuring all receipts and invoices are categorized and easily traceable for tracking payments.


Bills auto and manual generation

ESKA Schools can generate your bills automatically and manually, depending on your needs and preferences. You can generate all the bills you need and have them stored in your system for any future use.


Advanced discount management

Our system can help you to organize and place discounts on the fees you require, be they staff discounts or discounts for families and siblings. Define any application and rate of discounts according to what you need.


Advance payments processing and payments scheduling

You can quickly and accurately define your different types of fees, as well as conduct any cancellations and refunds towards customers. You may also pay partly or all invoices at a time or make advanced payments, based on your specific needs.


Online payment and cheque management

Why not directly receive your payments via an online system with our online payment feature? Make it easier to view, accept and reject any cheques and other payments that come your way.


Comprehensive financial reports

Create a comprehensive report on a student’s financial standing, which may include their transaction histories and overall financial status. This creates a full understanding of your financial situation and what can be done for your student.


Financial integration

With a digitized revenue stream, ESKA Schools Fees Management provides you with unparalleled simplicity and speed in turning your digitized revenues around to solve your operating costs. By integrating with other ESKADENIA solutions such as ESKA® Financial and ESKA® HR.


Your finances doesn’t need to be difficult

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