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Digitize your school's library, make managing books trackable online and information about books easily accessible. Uncover an automated library system.

Library Management

ESKA Schools Library Manager is a powerful system for handling all your books and documents, providing your institution with the ideally organized library.

Bringing libraries into the Cloud

Discover our key benefits

Convenience in one

Storing all required information and elements in one platform makes this system easily accessible and manageable.

Library tracking

Be aware of all library information and books documentation through the Cloud, making it easy to view and access anytime anywhere.

An automated library system

Automatically insert any information or data for your library management, making it easy to keep information up to date.

Sharing easily

Easily share and distribute any information from your library management system through the Cloud.

Manage all library processes easily

Here are our key features

Supporting multi-library

Create a convenient system for your libraries by not only transforming one but multiple libraries into a digital space. Keep all your libraries and books organized based on your specific needs.

Categorize all your books

Categorize all your books based on your requested and specific needs, we have all the options! Whether you are looking to categorize based on names, subjects, authors or more, choose the category that will work for you.

Reservations and circulations

Easily reserve the books you require through an online and simple system. You may also view details of the books or materials directly. It also manages circulation processes and materials transactions by checking in and out with barcode readers, scanners and more, creating a simple process for stocktake.

Create a personal profile

The Library Manager system will help to create a convenient profile for managing all your books and performed transactions. Keep track of all your activities through this comprehensive profile page.

Search for what you need

Utilize the search function and easily search and filter what materials you are looking for. Whether based on authors, subjects, materials and more, you can easily choose the category you require.

Get your notifications

The Library Manager will also send notifications of any new materials and the most‑reserved and checked-out books. Making your life simpler with some help from our system.

Integrating with all tools

We utilize all relevant tools to ensure a smooth and comprehensive system that will help with any automated inserts and creating an organized structure.

Managing your books with us

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