Handle everything through mobile

Easily distribute news, events and updates to students parents and teachers with the use of the ESKA Academia Cloud mobile app.

Mobile App

The ESKA Schools mobile app provides all ESKA Schools systems functions through a mobile app, integrating with all aspects of ESKA Schools to provide the latest updates, news, events and more to students, parents and teachers.

Why not try the mobile app?

Check your inbox and notifications

The ESKA Schools mobile app creates a more convenient way of receiving messages, providing notifications for all your messages and essential announcements. Have your phone directly deliver the message to your notifications screen.


Submit all your assignments

Submit all your assignments and access your worksheet through a faster and more direct way with our ESKA Schools mobile app. Keep things simple with us, and submit all of your assignments on time.


Calendar synchronization

Synchronize all school events with your mobile calendar. Create an even more convenient way of accessing all your essential information and meetings.


View all your photos

Creating a full gallery for all photos and videos, you can now directly access and utilize these resources instantly with no complications.


Handling students’ histories and fees

Easily access a student’s certificate and achievement records directly in addition to handling student fees and payment processes. Do everything through your mobile.


System integration

The ESKA Schools mobile app integrates with other ESKA Academia systems, such as the ESKA Schools Portals to provide students with the latest news and updates.


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