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One platform for all your school's student affairs; easily track & announce student activities, achievements, & attendance through ESKA Academia Cloud.

Student Affairs

ESKA Schools Student Affairs functions as a powerful tool in handling all your students’ activities, achievements, attendance and more.

Ensure your students are taken care of

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Management made easy

Organize, distribute and access all your student information and files through one platform, creating the ultimate management convenience.

Always aware

Through full access and real-time information in the Cloud, you can always stay up to date with all your students’ affairs.

Automated and simple

Through an auto-generated system, all information is easily updated and instantly available. No longer worry about manual difficulties.

Understand your students

Constantly keeping track of students’ affairs, you can stay on top of all your students and their personal development.

Student affairs at your fingertips

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Manage all activities and achievements

Coordinate your students’ activities and achievements with ESKA Schools. With clear information about their rewards, certificates and other accomplishments, you can simply document everything through the convenience of our digital system.

Taking care of students’ conducts

Track your students’ incidents and detention records through a centralized log. Being able to view all your students’ incident histories in the same place enables you to better distribute attention to the students who need it most. Help your students stay on the right track via a detailed record of their development.

Absence and leaves always on point

Through an integrated process with any attendance machines, you can directly track all your students’ absences and leaves. This also results in an auto-generated system for a student’s absence logon, based on a daily and course basis.

Know your students’ medical history

ESKA Schools also documents all students’ medical histories, from past and current illnesses to any vaccine information. The system provides a comprehensive view of your students’ healthcare needs.

Advisory processes

ESKA Schools can also help with any advisory needs for your students. With detailed recommendations for your students and your students’ interests and intentions, you can help guide your them towards success.

All systems in synch

The Student Affairs system integrates with other ESKADENIA systems and ESKA Academia systems to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date functions and information.

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