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Automate your timetable for the whole school with ESKA Academia Cloud's robust timetable generator. Organize your events & student schedules with ease.


ESKA Schools Timetable functions as a system to organize all your events and schedules. From classes to school events, easily track your agenda.

Keep your schedule organized

Here are our key benefits


Conveniently customizable

Maintaining your calendar has never been easier with the help of ESKA Schools. Giving flexible options according to your needs.


Tracking availability

Thanks to ESKA Schools, you can directly track your availability and the availability of other relevant parties. Keep on top of your schedule.


Reduce cost

A fully electronic system in the Cloud helps keep schools cost-efficient by reducing the hefty administrative burden of manual scheduling.


Dynamic experience

With multiple layouts and the ability to customize your timetable according to your own rules and regulations, your possibilities are endless.

Organizing your timetable in no time

Check out our key features

Flexible setup for dynamic distribution

You can easily insert the time and schedules you see fit. ESKA Schools creates a flexible process that allows any changes of information and data to the timetable itself, making it easily updatable.


Course and instructors’ time restrictions

By creating the ability to schedule one’s timetable and determine when a person is available or not, you can easily set time restrictions and unavailability in your calendar to make sure there will not be any clashes.


Suggestions for optimal times and locations

ESKA Schools makes suggestions for the optimum times and locations based on existing information of a person’s timetable and schedule. This makes establishing any new meetings and scheduling more convenient.


Accurate categorization

Specifying numbers and duration of recesses for each day dynamically, as well as specifying any weekends per grade level. All our schedules are categorized for total convenience based on your personalized needs.


Various types of layouts

The ESKA Schools Timetable produces five types of schedules, according to classes, teachers, students, facilities, and substitute teachers. All schedules provide different options for a number of needs and preferences.


Rule specification

The Timetable system allows a flexible specification of what rules can be established for making the necessary schedules, all based on your organization’s requirements. Customize the way your schedules work.


Integrating with all systems

The ESKA Schools Timetable system integrates with other ESKA Academia systems to make sure all your schooling processes are well established and have an organized workflow.


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