For any customization & special requirements check out our additional support. Help us personalize your school according to your education needs.

Additional Support

For any special requirements and customization, you can check out our additional support services to create a more efficient business process. Our additional support provides extra services for those hard-to-solve issues, whether a customized feature or any additional integrations; we have the options to help. Make sure your performance is in top condition with all our latest updates, installations and skills of expertise.


Why the support?

Consult with the experts

Prevent any future mess ups by talking to experts in the field, ready to help with any additional support or any consultations. Let us upgrade your system with the professionals.

Data Migration

Old out-of-date data? No problem! Easily transfer your data to a new system with the right support. Always ready to create a smooth process for your convenience.

Extended Cloud support

Handling any special cases like a pro. Why not let us take care of it for you? With our extended Cloud support, we can fulfil any special needs that you have.

Integration with other systems

ESKA Schools integrates with all systems, whether from ESKADENIA or third parties. We can provide you with the integration services that you require based on your business needs.

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