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Uncover the ideal e-learning platform with ESKA Academia in the Cloud. From lesson plans to assignments, this software will cater to your learning materials.


ESKA Schools E-Learning is made to boost your school’s learning activities, from lesson plans to assignments. This system can do it all.

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Digital management

Organize your files with a quick and automated way thanks to ESKA Schools E-learning. Keep all documents and data stored in one conducive platform.

Ready to access

Stay up-to-date with the latest student data and information, thanks to an automated file system that can be easily shared with any parties involved.

Conveniently available

ESKA Schools creates convenience by providing a handy file management system that helps to organize all learning activities.

E-assignments made easy

Creating an electronic means of learning, you can easily facilitate assignments and other learning activities through a digital platform.

E-learning to create efficiency

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Managing all your files conveniently

The E-Learning system will store all your learning materials in one convenient platform, one that can categorize and organize all your materials based on your needs. Now you can upload, open and share all materials without the hassle.

Lessons planning and follow-up

Create all the lesson plans you need to make sure everything is ordered correctly. This system functions to ensure your lesson plans are accurately organized and easily viewable, as well as any additional follow-ups.

Creating lessons notes

Lesson notes are also easily accessible and shareable with the ESKA Schools. Share lessons notes with both students and parents, and make accessing all your learning materials quick and direct.

Projects and teamwork management

Presenting an organized and systematic projects and teamwork management system allows those involved to view and update all current projects and participants.

E-assignments in your hands

Providing e-assignments features also helps to make it easier for all your assignment-related needs. Simply share and distribute any tasks or assignments from one convenient platform.

Your online survey!

Online surveys add to the convenience of ESKA Schools, making this a powerful tool for all uses, including your evaluation process. Through the online survey, you can quickly generate and distribute the surveys to parties involved.

System collaboration

Integrating with other ESKADENIA and ESKA Academia systems, ESKA Schools creates an optimal workflow for your overall work system.

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