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ESKA Academia

What is ESKA Academia?

ESKA® Academia is an advanced and comprehensive software that matches educational institutions’ needs by complying with today’s high-tech demands. Aiming to elevate academic institutions towards a greater level, this system creates new opportunities for institutions to thrive. ESKA Academia covers a range of educational institutions, such as schools, universities and training centres.

What is ESKA Schools?

ESKA Schools is a part of the ESKA Academia suite, made for the educational development of schools. Functioning as a web-based e-schooling and management system that transforms schooling into an enjoyable and interactive experience.

Why ESKA Academia?

ESKA Academia automates your whole education system

Automated system

Creating a whole new automated system for your educational institutions. We bring convenience and a speedier process.

Comprehensive like no other

Providing a complete system that can handle all your school needs, with a number of tools to transform any activities into a simple process.

No more paper

Presenting a paperless workflow, you can now reduce wastage and save cost without the hassles of manual system fillings.

Time efficient

Implementing a fully digitalized system, ESKA Academia will help save any troubles of finishing tasks and reducing the time needed for it.

Accessible always

Creating constant accessibility with an online Cloud system. No matter what device, ESKA Academia is available in the Cloud 24/7.

Making things easy!

Making all educational processes so much easier, we create a simple and powerful system that helps to achieve results faster.

Transform your schools

Handling schools has never been easier

Creating a greater platform for schools
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