Connected via one portal


DeniaSchool Portal is a content management platform for file management, resource sharing and group collaborations. Creating an efficient way for distribution.

Simplifying your needs through the portal

The convenience of a dashboard

The DeniaSchool Portal provides a course-dashboard for managing assignments, lessons and plans. You can simply check and view all your lesson plans and subjects all within one consolidated dashboard.


Your essential communications channel

The Portal facilitates communications through emails, Internet2SMS, system messages and chat rooms. Serving various ways of communicating with other members of your school, it creates a quick and convenient system.


Publish news and announcements

Keeping you updated with the latest news, events and announcements. DeniaSchool provides an automated notification system so everybody can stay in the loop at all times.


The ultimate comprehensive system

By integrating with all DeniaSchool systems, the Portal manages all functions and features available within DeniaSchool. From admissions and registrations to timetables, this comprehensive system does it all.


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