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Uncover our services to help with your school with the ESKA Academia Cloud implementation; from training to technical support, we are her to help.

Professional services

Our services are here to make your business process more effective and on-point. Providing the right training and support from ESKADENIA, including product customization, comprehensive plans and consultation.

ESKA Schools Training

Have a look at the ESKA Training section to enhance your knowledge into the world of software.

Get help from experts

Our skilful team is here to help with any type of training needed, ensuring you are in the best condition to optimize your school.

Implementation support

Enhance any implementation, migration and maintenance needed for all your systems.

Organized plans

Uncover the range of plans to help you achieve the ultimate success for your business, customized to your specific needs.

Advice services

We provide the right guidance in preparing for any installations, system function, Cloud adoption and more.

ESKA Schools Support

Our additional support is made to bring greater convenience to your school and enhance the development of your institution.

Systems and installations

Here to help with any new system feature and installations needed. We have the right people to make sure you have the best results.

Advisory support

We have the best people to give you the right advice about all the essentials needed, from installations to new systems.

Customizable features

Creating other custom functions and features within the ESKA system to help your business achieve optimum results.

Cloud services

Helping with any Cloud installations and additional support according to your packages and school’s needs.

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