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We provide in-depth knowledge on all our Cloud and DeniaSchool products, making it easy for you to enjoy all the available features.

Why DeniaSchool training?

Helping to understand better

Organized learning system

Get your education session on how to organize and schedule your school timetables and other schooling needs through our systems. Keep your workflow in check.

Fees with no hassle

Create and online school fee system with our products. Understanding how your payment processes can be simplified with the right training.

Exams in no time

Go through our comprehensive training to have a reliable exam system for all your students’ assessments.

Education for education

Through the right training, you will be able to utilize our E-Learning system to the maximum. Transforming your school into an online space.

Student efficiency

Create greater understanding for all student affairs and activities. We provide the right training to deal with your students through the Cloud.

Deployment options

With the range of options DeniaSchool provides, from mobile apps to portals, take on the right training to access all your essential tools.

What are our training packages?

DeniaSchool Complete Suite

Ensuring your knowledge on our DeniaSchool systems are up-to-date, we will provide the right training to optimize the workflow of the whole DeniaSchool suite. From organizing settings to setting rules, check out how you can utilize these systems to its max.

Covering: All DeniaSchool products.

DeniaSchool Teachers/Staff

Check out how DeniaSchool can help ease the life of your teachers and staff. By providing comprehensive systems to make all work activities much easier, make sure all staffs are up-to-date with the right knowledge and skills.

Covering: All DeniaSchool products or specific requested products.

DeniaSchool Students/Parents

Our training also includes utilizing the right systems for students and parents. Presenting the right knowledge for the right systems to help all parties involved. Our systems can help ease all tasks and services.

Covering: DeniaSchool products with student/parents access.

DeniaSchool Cloud Maintenance

Understand how the Cloud system works and how to maintain a conducive structure. With the Cloud, create greater accessibility and convenience for your school, easily accessible from one server.

Covering: Cloud process and systems.

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